Cervical Arthritis
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As we age, our joints start to break down secondary to naturally occurring wear and tear. The neck is no exception to the above rule.

Cervical arthritis is the wear and tear breakdown of the joints and discs between the vertebrae in the neck region. The breakdown of the cartilage may lead to neck and arm pain.

Unfortunately, we all develop cervical arthritis with time. Fortunately, however, only a few people with arthritis develop symptoms from it.

Most people are able to control exacerbations of their pain with medications and physical therapy. When medications are no longer effective, epidural steroid injections are tried which have a reasonable success rate to help calm the irritated nerve roots down.

If all of the above treatments fail and the patient is unable to live with the pain, the option of cervical fusion is offered. Only a small percentage of people end up having surgery for this condition. Potential surgical complications have to be weighed against the potential benefit of the surgery and a decision can then be made to proceed with surgical intervention.

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