Endoscopic Discectomy
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A newer procedure, endoscopic discectomy allows your surgeon to remove part or all of herniated discs which may be causing back and/or leg symptoms.

The procedure is performed with the patients awake under local anesthesia [similar to dental work]. The disc is visualized with a scope and camera [similar to knee arthroscopy]. A special tissue grasper can then be visualized in the disc space where the herniated disc can be removed.

After this type of surgery, the patients can usually go home the same day. The pain relief is usually immediate following the procedure allowing return to most of the patient's daily activities wihtout a long delay.

Depending on the type of disc herniation, this procedure may be as successful as the open procedures. As this procedure is significantly less invasive than an open procedure, endoscopic discectomy may be the best option before extensive open surgery is attempted.

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