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Kambiz Hannani, MD

Detailed video presentations can help you better understand the condition that you have been diagnosed with. Treatment options are also reviewed.

Simply click on the yellow links next to the video presentation that you would like to see. Conditions related to the low back are in the left column and those related to the neck are in the right column.

Information on Lumbar Spine [Low back]
Information on Cervical Spine [neck]
Description of low back structure. What do the MRI's and X-rays show? Learn about the structures [anatomy] of the low back.
Video is intended to be viewed prior to viewing all other lumbar presentations.
Structures and anatomy of the neck and nerves. Understand the reading of your X-ray's and MRI's of your neck.
Presentation is intended to be viewed prior to viewing all other cervical video clips.
Sciatica with leg pain and disc herniations/ruptures with microdiscectomy. Learn about disc ruptures causing leg/back pain and the treatment options available including microdiscectomy.
Neck and arm pain with fusion surgery. What are the common procedures used to treat these conditions? Learn about common causes of neck and arm pain including disc herniations and arthritis.
Low back pain and fusion surgery. Has a spine surgeon recommended a fusion or stabilization procedure [such as a disc replacement] to you? Learn about he common causes of back pain and the treatments most commonly used.
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